FlowerSoldier Reiki and Shamanism

FlowerSoldier reiki and shamanism is based on an understanding that all true healing comes from the creatrix of all things: Goddess. It is the love and grace of Goddess that brings those wishing to heal to union and transcendence, physically, mentally, and spiritually. To be a FlowerSoldier is to walk the path of the sacred feminine. FlowerSoldier reiki and shamanism represents a feminist-centred spirituality and healing technology: it recognizes a need to offer women a reiki and shamanism that reflects their own needs and experience. Through the healing technologies and practices of a sacred feminine world view and value system, FlowerSoldier reiki and shamanism represents an invitation for women to explore their inherent gifts and powers – gifts and powers that have been suppressed since the recent arrival of patriarchy. FlowerSoldier Shamanism’s totem is Eagle. Eagle speaks to you now:


“Women of earth, I bring you the gift of vision. I bring you the power to “see” with clarity – and with your own eyes, not those of others. With the clarity of vision I bring you, I invite you to dream open a doorway to the shadow: by seeing the shadow, all pretence and destructive patterns can no longer be denied. I fly high – closest to the sun. I can sweep you up and take you on a journey skyward. As you soar, you will be able to look down and see, not only yourself, but all of womankind. From high up, all connections are visible – there is no separation. Use my eagle eyes, and you will see that all women are apart. You will see that they yearn to belong to a most ancient power – a sisterhood that has long been forgotten. I bring you all not only clarity, but courage. The journey that you will take with me will bring you face to face with self. This is the most truthful journey you can make – it is a journey for the brave. It is a journey to your very soul.”

© 2015 FlowerSoldier